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Product Code : COWIN INDUSTRY 12
Product Description
ProductsCategory: Organic Chemicals / hydrocarbon / alkane
Chinese name: organic raw materials / hydrocarbon / paraffin (also known as: excellent chlorine net)
English name: Dichloroisocyanuric acid, sodium salt (abbreviation: SDIC)
CAS NO :2893-78-9
Molecular formula: C3O3N3Cl2Na
Molecular Weight: 219.9462
EC NO :220-767-7


The product is an effective, broad-spectrum, no residue, non-toxic to humans and animals side effects of disinfectant. In the health and epidemic prevention, livestock, aquaculture, etc., such as various skin diseases and a variety of fungi carried by transmission of the virus has a strong ability to kill, the sterilization rate of 99% or more. Is the baths, swimming pools, drinking water, hotels, restaurants, health, aquaculture, livestock and other good disinfectant. Not only that, gifted net chlorine in industrial circulating water system also has a strong cleaning effect of stripping, which is the other fungicides and surfactants were not any performance. Both products can also be used for industrial bleaching, as additives for advanced washing powder, detergents, decontamination powder production, use very extensive.

And types of product specifications
:8-30 mesh particle size, 20-60 mesh (can be customized)

Packaging: There are bags, plastic buckets and other various specifications of packaging. (Can be customized). 

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